An Ode to the Queen

Long may she live in health, happy and serene;
Loved by her subjects at home and abroad;
Blest may she be when lying down
To sleep, and rising up, by the Eternal God;
Happy may her visions be in sleep …
And happy her thoughts in the day time;
Let all loyal subjects drink to her health
In a flowing bumper of Rhenish Wine.

And when the final hour shall come to summon her away,
May her soul be wafted to the realms of bliss,
I most sincerely do pray, to sing with saints above,
Where all is joy, peace and love –
In Heaven, for evermore to reign,
God Save the Queen. Amen. ~~ William Topaz Mcgonagall

Styling Credits

Stone’s Works Queen Susan the Gentle Crown
( I wore it flipped upside down)


:zk: Queen Dress

*PosESioN* Pose

Photo taken @ The White Armory™, Silvan Moon Designs


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