When the Devil gets bored he tells his stories to his bats and these bats fly to us and give us these stories as nightmares. ~Phillip Ridley Styling Credits Stone’s Works Devil’s Top Hat {Limerence} Sati *PosESioN* Statue Poses +Psycho Barbie+ Gothic Lolita

The Black Widow

She waits in patient solitudefor the perfect prey.A skillful seductress,alluring in every way.Her touch — deadly,Fatal.She uses and devours,leaving nothing in her wake.  ~C.J. Obikile Styling Credits Asteria “Nova’ @ FLF-O-Ween Stone’s Works Black Widow Set, includes Veiled Hat, Necklace & Earrings, 25% off for Group Members DOUX Chill Photo taken @ -Arranmore-