The Perfect Cup Of Cocoa

The perfect cup of cocoa  
Is  rich and chocolatey,
And always warm, but not too hot –
A steaming chocolate sea.

The surface is enclosed beneath
A thick marshmallow mound,
Which melts into a gooey cloud
Without the slightest sound.

A whipped cream swirl extends beyond
The surface of the cup,
And chocolate sprinkles add
The perfect touch to dress it up.

The perfect cup of cocoa
Is like an old best friend –
It’s warm, it’s sweet, it’s such a treat,
And yummy till the end. ~ Barbara Vance

Styling Credits

Stone’s Works Elf Hat & Shoes with Animated Cocoa with Friends ( seats up to 6)

Magika – Suffer Well

Addams // Zury Leggings //


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